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Beautiful Massages Menu: The Talent


Beautiful UK Spa London and Dubai, we take pride in our exceptional client service. Signature Tantra massage plus Ayurvedic even Sports massage, each client, male or female is treated as a Royal VIP, Ultimate treatment, healing with spiritual energy Oasis of peace. Quinticential Knightsbridge London quality and a celebrity following. With branches In Dubai Marina, also London and Zurich. 
We also have a range of Massage packages, these are utterly blissful relaxation packages, combining and including different massages all done at the same time, this gives an amazing sensation, and each massage having more benefits and better relaxation and better results. 
All Massages have a free offer at the end of the massage called the Free Plus**
Locations can be at the Salon Spa or a home visit to you. 

CLASSIC SPA Healthy massage, and head massage, Deep relaxation including deep shoulder massage. 
Low rate 50 mins.      600aed/£120

SWEDISH DUBAI Full body Massage, the perfect spa massage with better techniques and using Balinese and Sensual Lomi massage with pure plant Aromatics, including Balinese massage, Swedish Dao, and head massage. **Free bonus Mens massage.. Or ladies facial. 
1 hour 15.     1000/£200

DEEP TISSUE SPORTS MASSAGE Deep invigorating massage to remove pain and strains. Effective in promoting muscular growth, and reducing strain. Can target injury areas to ease pain. Profesional Physiotherapist or Russian Massage Specialist Plus **Free Massage of choice. 
1 HOUR           790/£165

EURU NURU MASSAGE Popular Full body Dubai Massage, Includes Russian massage, Japanese Nuru Body to B massage, Swedish massage for deep relaxation. Lomi massage for flowing full body sensation. Plus **Free massage of your choice at the end. 
1 hour 15 mins  1300/£250

NEO TANTRA MASSAGE Feast of your senses. Multiple. Soft massages that stimulate feelings of endorphins. Healing warm energy massages. Using the Art of yoga techniques to unblock your 7 Chakras, rebalance your mood and energy levels, and the magical techniques of ancient Indian total body massage that's starts with a a peaceful relaxation ceremony and breathing exercise and how meditate to feel sensual energy and awaken your inner Kundalini. Music candels sensual oils fill the air.. A romantic healing nurturing massage that guarantees the removal of all inhibitions and stress. The techniques used are unique and from the tradional secret techniques of awakening your orgasmic energy and rejuvenating your body. The effort used is to awaken your senses and gives you an elevated high of energy, and pleasure of the touch. Spiritual healing. Plus **Free Massages OFFER. 1 hr 30mins.   1600/£310

RED TANTRA  LONDON Longer Tantra with one of our international Celebrity Tantra Goddesses from Europe. A HIGHLIGHT, with the best in Tantra with traditional temple worship ritual and advanced celebration of sensuality and that is often called the World's best massage. Are you ready to experience beyond the limits. 2hrs.  ........    2500/£500

VIP KARMA SPA  Full body, 6 Massages packages, French Bath, Herbal cleanse, Tantra Nuru. Body T B, Swedish massagesTwo free offers
2 hrs.            2000, 2500/£520
3 hrs.            3000 - 4500

ROYAL 4 HANDS Two therapists x 2 Therapist work together and pamper you to heaven and back. Special massage creating intense feelings of sublime relaxation. Two therapists massage at same time. Plus **Free offer massage
1 hour.        1800/20002 hours.      4000/

TANTRA FOR COUPLES One Therapist introduces a couple to a life enhancing Relaxing Tantra massage. With tips for couples and Tantra guidance. 2 hour.         2600/£510

DUBAI MASSAGE FOR COUPLES Two therapists massaging both partners at the same time.  Using vitamin oils and many types of full body massage techniques to revitalize and relax both of you. (Please book in advance for couple 2 therapists). 1 hour          1900 - 2200/£360

Professional Luxury Spa to us or to you.

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