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Luxury Spas and Spa to you service

BEAUTIFUL UK SPA DUBAI LONDON Is a British Spa in Dubai and London. Wellness business founded 2006 celebrating 15 years of Luxury Spa Management and Wellness events founded by highly qualified CIDESCO BABTHAC qualified British therapists and Physiotherapist that had spent years of post graduate study traveling the world studying many of the world's leading health therapies and massages.  
M Celia, and team redesigned wellness Spa experiences and developed specialized. Sumptuous massage and healing packages and combined massages with a touch Asia and London combined. Beautiful UK is well known for their relaxation retreats and combining Yoga and Tantra with Ayurveda and Aromatherapy for total relaxation experiences in London Zurich and Dubai Marina. 
We are also well known for a Yoga classes, stress management, along with an awesome reputation for authentic Tantra and Kundalini Yoga and Tantric massage, M Celia and Shakti DEVI Ananda S. Trained with OSHO India and in Nepal. 
Salon and Beauty products are being developed from our traditional Aromathery treatments we used in the Spa. 
Ultra 10 star luxury Massage Spa with a popular "Spa to you" Home visit service is now in four countries. With unique massages that have an international celebrity following. 
We created the ultimate Spa and home spa Wellness and relaxation and we are now expanding contact us. 

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