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Learn the secrets of Tantra, and how to give a Tantric massage to your partner. Simple short courses for ladies or couples in Dubai. Focusing on genuine yoga and ayurvedic healing, discovering the Chakras and and introduction to Reiki, also the benefits of Yoga and Kundalini for every couple partner or person with an interesting in improving their health and well being.

Learn the differences between Ayurvedic Tantra, white Tantra and spiritual healing that is a healing relaxation wellness massage that is focused on unblocking your negative feelings, releasing stress, and focusing on encouraging you to develop self esteem, inner happiness, and learn how to release negative emotions and reduce stress. Learn or benefit from the tradional therapy and knowledge of the 7 Chakras and the benefits for a stress free life style.

Coaching and Tantric practitioner near me? You found . Yoga and professional Spa

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