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What is the difference between Nuru massage Dubai and Tantric massage or normal massage Abu Dhabi? we get this question too many times, do let's explain!. Nuru massage is a technique from Japan, its origins and techniques were developed in Kyoto 30 years ago. It is close body to body type massage, whereby the therapist uses a seaweed gel product or even oil gel, to cover the receiver / customer and uses body arms hands in rhythm to massage the customer for 30 mins. Nuru is full body massage.

Benefits of Nuru massage in Dubai.

Benefits of nuru massage, are variable, nuru is a full body relaxing massage whereby you feel great relaxation, and sensation by having more of your body massaged at the same time, so more of the body's pleasure and relaxation receptors are triggered at the same time. Traditionally Nuru massage was done after the bath house bathing treatments, at a Japanese bath house or soapy massage, which is similar to a Hammam or Moroccan bath massage Dubai, seen in Khaleeji countries of the Arab Gulf.

Nuru is not advised for back pain, or for people needing a muscle kneeding, deep tissue massage, whereby you have a traditional massage for muscular pain or for those needing a therapeutic massage.

Tantra Massage or Tantric massage compared to Nuru massage or Morrocan bath massage Dubai

Tantra Massage is a complex system of yoga, Traditional Indian spirituality, also seen in Nepal etc, and has version in Buddhism. Tantr is a spiritual ideology and a way of life, focuses on self awareness, and knowledge of the consciousness and helps the person feel they have taken a path to self love and enlightenment. Tantra, means the weave, has many elements, from Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual training and has a massage form. Tantra massage is a development from Ayurveda and Tantra Yantras and ancient practice and learning, and possibly elements of the Karma Sutra, Indian system of herbal treatments for the whole body and so much more.

Ayurveda is seen a great deal in Dubai due to the large Indian population in Bur Dubai. Ayurvedic massage is highly beneficial to the health, focusing on unblocking the negative energy and centres of the body etc.

Benefits of Tantra or Tantric massage.

Tantra massage is very misunderstood, is often confused with Nuru, but is a thousand times more complex and far more benefits, Ayurvedic-Tantra includes so much more. It is sensual spiritual and healing massage, that aims to give an awakening to the body and the soul deepest form of Relaxation. White Tantra or Kundalini Yoga and massage, is a purely healing white form of Tantra which is similar to Ayurvedic massage. White Tantra for ladies pr couples or gentlemen it most not be confused with the adult Red form.

Ayurvedic- Tantra couple massage is the perfect way to enjoy a peaceful retreat massage, with music, special herbal oils, soft flowing touch that feels like a constant wave of warmth and deep relaxation. Benefits of White Tantra are a mind, body and soul experience with nurturing and yoga and positive life firming massage techniques, focuses on regaining positive energy. It is life affirming and deeply relaxing with lasting benefits.

Not all Tantras are the same, there is a more advanced form of Tantric massage, where you would seek out a certified Tantric massage practitioner.or Dakini or Tantrica as your therapist and guide, for a more sensual experience that is more advanced, that has more closeness and touch is far more full body. The massage has close full body body touch and yoga massage element, with light yoga Asanas, personal space, holding, breathing practice, and specialised gentle full body massages focused on all the 7 Chakras of the body. In the massage retreat, you can have with some practioners a romantic full body element to music, but not all Tantric massages include this Red form.

Tantra massage has wonderful techniques and knowledge that can help you deeply relax, and after the Ayurvedic Tantra texperience, you will feel amazing and energised. Tantra has the ability to increase your endorphins, and leave you on a positive high for days. Tantra is also the go to for couples who enjoy the romance of the perfect massage. Tantra couples massage if in Dubai or Europe or London or the US, has far more than nuru included, and is certified wellness system having thousands of years of history in its background and is a healing experience.

In summary, Tantric Massage Nuru, are not the same, with Tantra being a certified healing and wellness system that takes years to learn, compared to Nuru which is a body to body type massage and bath house experience.

Always take time to seek out registered and genuine Tantric practitioners near me, but remember no two Tantric practitioners are the same, can be unregulated, many can be frauds, or untrained.

LONDON TANTRA and Beautiful UK Spa European Massage Dubai London group are having the certification, and experience, and has some leading Tantra coaches /healers Tantricas, who have trained with OSHO, and Ananda or having spent years in India and training, along with foundation of qualifications for the spa industry CIDESCO.

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