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Beautiful UK Massage Spa is a Sister of the famous Tantra professional teaching Studio Yoga centre and centre of Tantra Massage on London that has run for 16 years. Highly qualified genuine Authentic Tantra by OSHO trained Dakinis. Who have studied the true path of Tantra that of enlightenment healing, with the ability to awaken the kundalini, and conduct 7 Chakra massages that unblock negative energy and release positive energy.

London Tantra Massage is an award winning centre for Tantra and developed the famous Red Tantra from Kashmir Tantra 13 years ago. There are many paths in Tantra from spirituality and Yoga to the unique energy and sensual massages that are more popular in the west. London Tantra Massage also run classes to develop your improve your marital life and conscious love coaching in London. They also developed the Dao Tantric PE cure. Consumate professionals offering genuine Tantric healing, never the fake version of Tantra which became widespread and was a mere copy paste version of the real Tantra

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