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Nuru Massage Dubai What is Nuru massage compared to Tantra

What is Nuru Massage? and what is the difference between Nuru and Tantra massage or standard Swedish massage? huge difference is the answer, with the history of nuru is not long at all unlike Tantra which is reputed to be over 3000 years and dates back to the origins of India, trifecta of Yoga, Yantra and Ayurveda. Nuru massage really originated in Japan 1970s, and became popular around the world. Often seen written in Dubai, as a type of massage, and often confused with Tantra which is not Nuru and instead a very advanced spiritual energy massage, that orginated in India, more on Tantra and Yoga in another post and the blog site on all things Tantra

Nuru orginated in Kyoto, and the bath houses of Tokyo. Cleansing ritual of soapy massage, (Japanese version of the Arabic bath ritual the Hammam massage seen in Dubai ). It became combined with a special seaweed gel product developed in Japanese which has developed a culture of consuming seaweed algae products and using them for health giving purposes. Nuru gel was used on the body for a slippery tactile affect in a normal hand to body massage, and later a body to body type massage. Japanese Massage therapists developed a enhanced technique to massage the body.

Nuru Massage seen in Singapore, Hong Kong Asia or as far a field as Dubai London or Europe is a version on the original soapy algae seaweed slide massage found in Kyoto, using hands or body to body type massage. Nuru can be taught to couples and can be a fun entertaining healthy activity. Nuru can be also done professionally with the hands, and given with a Swedish massage. Latest version of Nuru massage or full body massage uses gel oil with vitamins and can be absorbed into the skin instead of the algae product


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