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Massage Dubai, Massage centres and Spas

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

What is a Massage Dubai, its the highest search term on DUBAI on Google, it can mean anything to anyone, from super luxury 6 star hotels, with their own in house spas run by the hotel management company's, to small dubious Chinese run massage rooms in International city.


People normally choose 5 Star hotels for more than massage, to use the swimming pool, Sauna and steam, and a total wellness experience

Dubai is famous for home of the ultimate in luxury, with the world's most opulent spas in hotels such as the Burj Al Arab, Assawan spa Atlantis Shui Chi Spa and Al Qasr hotel Talise. Luxury Spas all include a full facility experience, with Jacuzzi, aqua massage, steam sauna, Hammam pools and Morrocan bath. The better hotels employ Asian therapists from Bali, Thailand. These staff are normally on a low wage but come from countries well-known for the massage culture.

Massage in Massage Centres or Spas not in hotels in Dubai.

The Massage Centers, are a unique part of expat culture of Dubai. There are literally hundreds, way beyond really any country per capital in the world. Why so many massage centres? Everyone wants a piece of the wellness action in the UAE, and many expats used to arrive from Asia and license a self care massage or mixed spa, better than working for a hotel, they can the take a visa and bring in their families.


Most centres and spas employ thousands of Asian staff, in the massage centres, they provide the low cost labour needed to run the Spas, none of the spas in Dubai would be able to afford the salary of an western expat to take on the work of a therapist in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Thai Bali and India have established tradition of massage and wellness which is not a part of traditional khaleej Arab Gulf culture or traditions, (Morroco is one of the only Arabic cultures with an established massagd culture and also has staffed many spas along with the Asian therapists). We are often asked, "why are there no Europeans doing any spa treatments in Dubai marina or Downtown or Abu Dhabi" we try to explain here why the majority of Spas recruit only certain nationalities.

Thailand and Bali has a well established spa culture, and has their own traditional massage which is well known and requested around the world, also popular in Dubai. Thai massage involves therapeutic stretching of the whole body, along with strong deep massage, another reason why you see many Thai spas. We are not yet talking about the "Other Thai massage" yet see further posts this year.


We will be discussing the 10 reasons to choose or not to choose! a Russian Spa in Dubai. Caveat, why the invasion of Russian management renting spas in hotels is not always what it seems. There has been a recent trend of renting hotel Spas, no longer to Asian Spa management which is normally professional with good customer service, to the newer Russian versions and the reasons that some customers secretly complain, and why it can be a shock to a tourist. Stay reading the next articles: on Massage Dubai best massage Spas in Dubai.

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