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Lomi Lomi massage Dubai with the European Tantra Spa Dubai and combined with European Tantric massage with Beautiful UK Spa. A dream package for your weekend.

New Lomi lomi massage Dubai Hawaiian healing body flow massage is offered with Tantra or Swedish massage and extra free massage from 1500 aed

Lomi Lomi uses the whole body to massage the body with special Hawaiian music and a rhythm of kahuna massage using the whole of the arms and the body.. the massage flows from head to toe as the therapist circles the body of the customer.

Customer can wear a special covering in the middle or more naturist natural.

Lomi Lomi comes from Hawaii it has a few similar touches and ethics as Tantra... it used to be performed by a Hawaiian healer kahuna.

For more sensual and healing pleasure, massages then Tantric would be advised.. rather than Lomi.

Ask our specialists in lomi Lomi massage in Dubai marina

Call.. 00971503610966

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