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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Why do we offer the best massage for men couples and ladies in Dubai? Best European massage and Spa in Dubai?

"Our European massage therapists, in The European Spa here in Dubai marina, are real qualified therapists who work only for the spa, they are chosen for their Beautiful massage skills, and are specially trained in the famous "Beautiful Full body massage" style and techniques.

Each massage includes one to three types of massage technique and special vitamin products. Each therapist is trained to give a "Beautiful customer service experience", and can give the sensual healing massages too. Sensual healing massages include: Tantric massage, Hawaiian lomi massages with Dao.

Our therapists are real European, and from Ireland Czech Republic, Poland Italian, Croatia, Spain, Slovakia Portugal Switzerland and VIP therapists in London from the UK".

What is your famous VIP service? also what is the "European Full body massage in Dubai" like? Why do have so many reviews, and mentions on Quora, and some magazines mention you? Why do you give more than the other Russian or Ukrainian massage Spas and the Eastern European spa that are run by Russian staff in dubai?

"We have been providing elite luxury full body massages and a professional Tantra service for over 15 years, before the others came ! Our service is very different from the other Russian massages and hotel spas run by Russian or Chinese. Why? we employ our staff, many spa and massage centres in the UAE in hotels are not run by the hotels but by outside Spa management companies, these are very recent last two years, they have taken over many Spa s in hotels leasing the facilities, though the spa is owned by the hotel, the new management companies usually do not give salary! To massage therapists, their girls must work for tips only!, that's sad and not professional. That is a fact known to everyone here. The massage price you pay in the other Spas from 580 to 800, is almost an entry price... you will be required to tip or pay the girl or European Russian lady doing the massage again twice as much as initial price which is misleading. If you want only massage, no extras usually they don't like it if you want only massage, and don't tip massage can be much shorter than the time you paid. Also time is spent that you paid for to negotiate! That's not professional, client will suffer. You paid for your time not to negotiate again!. Massage shortened as well or simple in nature or maybe not what you want. We do not charge customer more money in the room like rest we have a value package instea!

We charge for a massage package that includes: one two or more massages, plus spa and extra treatments extra time tips. These packages include awesome Swedish sensual Ayurvedic London massage Tantra Dao, Yoga, gourmet buffet of full body massage.! Like an all you can eat luxury massage buffet. Expensive yes, but the value and service is amazing. Try our lovely massage packages... for Men, or for ladies and or couples. Professional London way... you deserve it!

We also have lovely massage wellness buffet spa treatments for ladies also.

What is a Massage package luxury massage VIP?

Massage Vip is a full body massage for whole body, with free extra massages of choice. Priced in one price... ultimate relaxation. Deep relaxation full body with different free extra massages or aqua Bath and plus service for VIP customers. Let's treat you to a VIP Massage relaxation session with added value. This is the way we do in LONDON We include what you need..


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