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EUROPEAN MASSAGE THERAPISTS IN DUBAI, RUSSIAN SPA UKRAINIAN SPA Dubai downtown and Marina, and what is a Russian massage all about?

"What is a Russian Massage in Dubai?" Tourists ask "What is a European massage Dubai, and location of the Ukraine massage centre, do they offer actual massage?

Well! real Russian Massage is a Banya experience seen in Russia. The real Russian Massage is a special sauna experience, and the person is beaten lightly with birch twigs! Ouch! Often know as a 'Venik massage., great for circulation! otherwise there is no actual technique for massage that is Russian.

The massage the men, refer to in UAE Dubai is not that traditional type of massage and Sauna! Any wives or girlfriends listening you can now read on..

"Photos of European Massage therapists and staff working in Dubai at the spa or massage centre, also Russian Ukrainian ladies doing a 'massage' in the "spa" ;) outcall Home Massage service team in Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai.

" Do you have Russian Massage Centre Dubai and Ukrainian ladies " who do massage at the spa in Downtown, or Russian ladies doing massage"

Yes if you want Russian women to do massage, because that is all you see in Dubai! and you don't know any better, you never travel to Europe and think Russia is Europe, (Do you know how many crazy calls we get get like this, with zero knowledge of what is a real massage, Europe means, or even what a professional Spa is?)

"Check Reddit Dubai, sub Reddit's for more tales of the Dubai Massage"

Sure! Remember you pay twice, and they may not do massage! Like all the "Russian type European type" centres in Dubai suddenly offering low misleading prices, whereby you pay a 'Entry fee for a massage ;))' at the reception, and pay again and again triple original price in room average price 15 mins massage 1300 ++ 1800 ++ 2000 ++ feel stressed arguing about over inflated the final real end price, and lack of quality service. If you want that service, like the tourists are complaining about, that's giving some "European spas" a very bad name now.

We don't usually provide that type of European, Russian, Ukrainian type rented spa in a hotel, which is leased by the hotel who owns the Spa to a Male owned management company, who then run the hotel spa instead of the hotel for a high lease fee. Usually the resulting service is way below the standards of other spas and focused on men who have low expectations and don't want good treatment, or good massage, but for a rushed quick extra time service something quite subpar.

Sadly the staff at those spas don't get a salary! and in turn they don't do much massage, and focus on extremely large tips beyond what is commensurate and fair, whole experience is extremely misleading. No one does a massage for 500aed and you walk out paying just 500aed! you must pay obligatory 'surcharges'! Usually three times the original price or more. Also not a good place to go if you are a lady! God help you.

This type of 'European Spa Dubai' with Uzbekistan Tajikistan, Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Russian or Ukrainian, Armenian 'Therapists' comes as a terrible shock to actual European Tourists who though it would a high quality, healing day spa, the same as their own country! find something quite different and shady without the value. Even residents are complaining or surprised, really sad state of affairs.

6 Star rated Hotel Spas in Dubai that provide quality massage 500 aed to 800 aed

Of course! there are some very good spas in Dubai, they are usually managed by the hotel itself please note this point! Professional high standards and staff are Asian, or Thai, but the massage and service is excellent! you get access to the pool and facilities. Some of the best in the UAE are, Talise Spa Al Qasr hotel, Royal Mirage hotel Arabian Court Spa Jumeirah beach road, Um Suquiem 4, Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai marina, Le Royal Meridien hotel JBR and the Palace Hotel Spa by Dubai Mall.

Location for the best European Massage in Dubai?

Massage Marina Mall and JBR

Ladies Spa Salon

Massage Downtown Dubai

Business bay spa

Massage Dubai Creek Harbour

Massage Jumeirah lakes towers


Real European Staff, from Ireland Switzerland, Sweden, .Poland, Czech Republic Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal. If you insist on Russian or Ukrainian and have never been to Europe, then we can provide Russian massage therapists, but they will work to real European standards not like the others.


Our Spa and Massage offers and packages;

We have, two hour day spa packages, with multiple massage techniques, full body massage, healing treatments, Tantra, yoga, and of course that all important extra relaxation time!

All tips service charges are included. Staff have a salary, and will never make your massage like a supermarket sale or a stressful haggle at the Souq.


Bringing the spa to you.

Home service massage to you, outcall

All the European Massage Therapists are available on the Home service massage Dubai to you service whereby the massage and spa comes to your hotel or home. From 1390 aed for a full body package of spa treatments plus inclusive offer!

The spa salon or VIP locations

Minimum price for a regular massage by European Therapist is 750 not all therapists are available for that

Minimum Package offer is 1100 for 2 types of massage and all inclusive service tips

Minimum Tantra package offer is the 1399 White Tantra Ayurvedic

Minimum Red Tantra Spa plus package is 1999

Couples package is 1700 for two

Ladies salon prices from 500

Sports Massage deep tissue from 735

See our Spa Vouchers you can purchase

Yes we welcome ladies and even have a dedicated ladies salon. We also welcome couples, yes gentlemen, but this is real massage

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