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European Massage Dubai, what is Full body Massage in Dubai, what are the benefits of a full massage.

Full body massage in Dubai? What does this mean?. What is Full body massage and what does it Include, it is a head to toes every centimetre of your body. Using Lomi lomi and swedish massage techniques. Dubai everyone asks for "Full body" body to body massage? but do they really know what it means? Let us explain.

Version 1 Full body massage Dubai Marina European therapists, a sensual energy massage using flowing massage techniques with total body massage to music. Body to body UK French massage Release stress and is using a rhythm massage technique..

Version 2 Full body massage Dubai Downtown. Professional Swedish type massage with vitamin oils and deep touch that is similar to deep tissue all of the body is massaged. Except a towel remains covering person private areas and this conforms to normal spa requirements. Massage is normally 50 mins.

Usual in UK Full body massage has a different meaning, and involves professional legal certified spas. We have certified therapists doing both versions but with quality respect and high standards with Beautiful UK Massage Spa Dubai, also Beautiful VIP Spa London. Or Beautiful VIP Zurich Switzerland or Beautiful VIP new Amsterdam


Most Spas and massage centres in Dubai offer full body massage of sorts!! but they are often dubious and somewhat down market shady, hush hush.. said under closed or quiet tones. Nudge nudge.!. Usual Full body massage seen in Al barsha, Downtown and marina body to body massage or Deira or Bur Dubai. Usual Dubai Full body spa's version is enter pay 400 or 500 aed. Arrive in the room and Asian masseuse will start 30 mins massage and start asking for extra tips!. Not all do this some spas in hotels are well regulated. Such as So Spa and Royal mirage.. Shangri-la spa. They do not allow this. Other massage centres thrive on the extras and only make a profit doing this. Average full body massage in Russian centre or Ukraine European massage centre which may be operating in a 4 or 5 star hotel, the spa being rent from the hotel only and managed by Russian or Eastern European management. The term "Full body massage" there or in certain Moroccan centres or Arabic Centres (Not all do this and some are very professional sadly rest are not!), means a payment at the reception. Also inside the room you must make more payments! "What did you say you mean the hour I paid for is a scam?.." aahh you just receive 10 mons massage sometimes more and are subject to hard sell for extra body to body massages tips plus a simple rub down for 1000 dirhams more. This is not relaxing and not professional and not the way we do massage in Western Europe. At least give a good massage for 1 hour and they do not or very rarely.

Professional spas or home service out call service massage businesses with license and high standards offer Full body massage for the full 1 hr and good touch skilled massage and also Full body one price. If you are in Dubai UAE or Abu dhabi always know it maybe not what you expect. Pay for quality not fake massage.

We offer genuine massage with certified therapists and care about the clients feedback we want the customers to come back. We offer free extra massage in a value package. Swedish nuru ayurvedic Body Body massage or Lomi Lomi massage British massage, French massage and Tantra yoga. Customer experience and happiness is priority. We expect all customer to return to Dubai marina or Downtown dubai to the European spa for the perfect massage.

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