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EUROPEAN MASSAGE DUBAI, RUSSIAN MASSAGE, LOCATIONS European massage Therapists who work for the spa

Professional European Massage Therapists working in Dubai May June July 2024 at the Spa in JBR Jumeirah (Appointment only no walking in without appointments).


European, Russian and Ukrainian massage, Or VIP European Tantra Massage Spa.

The locations are thought the city of Dubai. You have to call for an appointment first! Some are ladies only Salons, 1. JBR Jumeirah Beach Residence 2. Marina Mall location, 3. JLT Cluster O location. 4. Creek Harbour, Emaar Harbour Gate Deira. 5. Downtown Dubai Mall (July) locations. For the ladies Salon, Mens massage centre.

Massage Dubai 24 hours, Massage centre and spa open for pre booked appointment only.

Please pre-order pre-book your Massage in advance, we reserve the right, if late that we may close early if all the therapists are busy. We may have alternative locations or luxury holiday vacation apartments available to rent via our other licensed business for travel depending on the day and time of the day.

Massage 24 hours and Massage Home service to visit you in your hotel or home Dubai Abu Dhabi, Al Ain.

Please note you must pre-book. Please do not call and say I want now in 10 mins! You must allow 45 minutes to 1 hour booking in advance time before the scheduled appointment. We don't have a rocket, or flying taxis yet! Please allow for Dubai traffic.

How to book a massage in Dubai?

Please call the phone numbers, for the spa and text message or telegram no WhatsApp anymore we don't want spam and abusive men constantly blocking after they can't get a cheap price, or asking photos and asking for free massage on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has made it clear its is against illegal activities and men who do this can get banned and or cause problems for WhatsApp of the spa NO WHATSAPP

Please send a Telegram message*Include your Phone number if using *telegram the app hides people's contacts if you don't show your number you will be ignored!!) or text SMS or RCS text. Or message us on the website

"Please write name address, telephone number you wish to be called on"

Please state your budget. Low cost massage only 600aed sports massage 750aed. VIP luxury spa or home service packages from 1300 1500 1600 2000 2500 4000.

Please allow plenty of time in advance to book.

Call the phone numbers if there is no reply to your message. We may be very busy!

Can I pay with a credit card?

Please have the correct cash payments available. We may not take credit card, if it is not a low cost salon appointment. Security issues and customers using fake cards or numerous scams from certain customers in Dubai which we have suffered from. Bank Transfer from Dubai bank accounts, accepted! but the money must have arrived in the account before the massage will start, (Scam fraudsters using cards and not sending payments, theses types of fraudulent customers are a major problem in Dubai now, they from expatriate and tourists).

European Massage therapists in Dubai, where are your staff from, what countries are your staff coming from?

Our European Spa staff come from, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and Greece.

Do you have Russian Massage in Dubai?

"I want Russian ladies to do a massage"

We can provide Russian Massage or Russian massage therapists. Also Ukrainian massage therapists. We do not recommend this. If you want the Russian Banya massage yes indeed. I

Russian Spa massage Dubai

"method of payment."

What is a Russian Massage Dubai?

Where you pay a cheap entry price, which does not give you an actual massage!!! Note business methods of other spas which are misleading!

Then you pay the lady therapists 3 X more money in the room! Whereby as per certain Russian type Spas. You pay 500 to 700 AED reception, and in the room before starting "You pay again" the lady masseuse, her money, further 1000 your total will be 1400 1500 1700, because they don't have any salary.

The total is deliberately not shown when you enter. Do you want that type of European, Russian Ukrainian spa type of massage payment where you pay twice or three times!? The total is usually three times or more higher than the original price! Very stressful and not done in genuine European spas in Europe, where they include all the extra charges in a value package.


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