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15 % off massages We use Telegram Business (No WhatsApp) for Massage in Dubai appointments. 00971561030414

DISCOUNT FOR MASSAGE IN DUBAI IF YOU USE TELEGRAM!! Please do not use WhatsApp use Telegram or save 00971561030414



We have closed 00971506130021 WhatsApp you will not get a reply warning!

We have

WE have also closed 00971561030414 on WhatsApp. You will not get a reply.

We are not using whatsapp for Dubai, due to poor WhatsApp poor service and fact it now unencrypts your messages beaware.

We pay for Telegram Premium Business this is a good encrypted and nice message service for Businesses and clients.

To get a discount for Tantra massage or Swedish fantasy massage!

:Celebrate Telegram: use this code


Remember we include massages different types spa treatments bath Nuru Swedish Lomi and Tantric massage in our special packages! That's right no need to pay more in room extra gifts included. No stress no embarrassing issues.

No scam fake prices and extortion to hand more and more money like Russian Ukrainian "European" spas, where their staff giving you a fake cheap price that looks cheap!! on the advert but! then on arrival the "European massage therapists" ask for 3 X more money in room and don't work unless you give that money! This is becoming serious problem now in Dubai. Not all spa do this but all Russian Ukrainian type Euro type spas do.. it's shocking the staff don't get a legal salary.

We are not doing like the other spas!!! Genuine European and all inclusive or classic prices! No one will ask for more money and no fake prices. Original London Swiss standards.

How to message us?

1Call us best way

2Message on telegram but leave your number on the message to contact us.


Message us on the website

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